Environmentally Economical
For use in the kitchen, around the house or on the
go, EcoZip multi-compartment bags are built to
handle all your storage needs.
EcoZip the future is green with a little help from you
is a simple storage solution that saves time, money,
space and ultimately the environmnent. By creating
2 bags in 1 technology, EcoZip enables you to store
2 types of items in 1 bag, or by opening the middle
zipper, use the entire bag. This in turn reduces the
amount of plastic bags needed for a single lunch or
other sets of items you decide to pack and carry.
EcoZip gives you up to 3X the value, we
recommend you re-use them differently than you
did the first time and of course EcoZip is recyclable.
Please take them to your nearest recycling location, usually offered at your local supermarket.