I love my Ecozips!

The boys love how they can have 2 snacks in 1 bag! It makes packing lunches much easier!!

As for the other sizes, it makes storing leftovers so much easier and we use less bags now!

Jen DeLaurentis
Director of Product Sourcing & Mom
East Norriton, PA

When packing lunches I used to have to get a bag for the sandwich, a bag for the chips, then place both bags IN A BAG!  Now I just place the sandwich in one end, the chips in the other end, skip the third bag and I'm done.  Less waste, less money and LESS BAGS!

-Karla Trotman,
Mother of two and owner of www.bellybuttonboutique.com
Wyncote, PA

I use them in so many different ways-not just my leftovers and fresh vegetables,
but also for storing my two year olds small toys, pencils and crayons.  Great for putting
diapers wipes in one side and diapers in the other.
I used them recently on a trip to hold all my toiletries in my carry on...Actually had
the baggage lady ask me where to get them!!

Connie Stewart
Scottsboro, Alabama

I tried the EcoZip bags once and I was hooked. I will never go back to anything else! The 2 compartments in 1 bag is amazing.  It is so convenient and time saving. I use them for everything! Perfect for packing lunches or on the go traveling. My daughter loves them too. She uses them all the time for her jewelry and game pieces. We love the EcoZip bags!

Dara Hernandez
Assistant Designer
Bensalem, PA


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