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II've been using my Ecozip bags for packing my lunch.  I slice tomatoes and put them in one side with my lettuce and cucumbers, I use the other side for my bread.  At lunchtime I combine my ingredients and I don't have to be concerned with soggy bread.  Ecozip bags are my bag of choice, less packing and hassle free.

Sabrina Cave
Burlington, NJ

As a mother of three children I have found many uses for ecozip bags. Prior to ecozip bags I would use two, sometimes three sandwhich bags per lunch for each child. Now, I only have to use one ecozip bag per lunch! Ecozip bags are so great because they come in different sizes and have muiltiple uses. Whether it's making the kids lunches, storing foods, or crafts, ecozip 2 in 1 makes it simple to separate and split items. Using this product makes me consious of our earth by using less plastic, conserving resources and reducing pollution. Ecozip has made it easy to Go Green!
Jamila Sanders
Philadelphia PA

A Small change can have a big impact.
With Ecozip I cut back on the amount of bags I use.
They are versatile, convenient and perfect for everything around the house.

Linda Kaplan Thaler
Ceo,Chief Creative Officer
Nyc, Ny


I like ECOzip products for their convenience and adaptability.  Whether I'm in the kitchen or on the go, you can find me using  ECOzip Snack/Sandwich bags or Storage/Quart bags.  The bags keep food fresh and their integrity intact; when I pack a lunch, my sandwich stays fresh and dry on one side, while my tomatoes stay juicy on the other.  When traveling, I love the bags for my makeup and toiletries.  They meet FTA size limitations, and if anything leaks, I don't have to worry about damage to my clothes.  ECOzip bags are ideal for busy women like me. 

-Tina Ruggiero, M.S., R.D. Tampa Bay, FL